Brief Description

Capizis a province located in the region of Western Visayas in the central section of the Philippines. Its capital is the city of Roxas and is located at the northeastern portion of Panay Island, bordering Aklan to the north, Antique to the west, and Iloilo to the south. Capiz faces the Sibuyan Sea to the north.

Capiz is known for the Placuna placenta oyster shell that has the same name locally and is used for decoration and making lampshades, trays, window and doors. Likewise, the province is known as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” and was among the top 15 most frequently visited places in the Philippines. Capiz is the site of the famous coral-stone Santa Monica Church in the town of Pan-ay, home to the largest Catholic Church bell in Asia. The bell was made from 70 sacks of gold and silver coins donated by the townsfolk. Measuring seven feet in diameter, five feet in height and weighing 10,400 kilograms or just over 10 metric tons, the Pan-ay bell is popular among tourists visiting Capiz.


Capiz covers a total area of 2,594.64 square kilometres (1,001.80 sq mi) occupying the northeastern portion of Panay Island, and is one of the five provinces that compose the Western Visayas region. Mount Nangtud, is the highest mountain in Capiz with an elevation of 7,234 ft ( 2,205 m) located in Capiz and Antique border. Other peaks are Mount Tigas 4,760 ft (1,451m), Mount Agudo 2,736 ft (834m). The province comprises 473 barangays, 16 municipalities and a city. Roxas City, the provincial capital, is only 45 minutes away by plane from Manila and is within the routes of major shipping lines. The Panay River used to be famous for the great number of crocodiles thriving there. Capiz is bounded by the Sibuyan Sea, the Panay, Loctugan and Ivisan rivers.

Administrative Divisions

Capiz comprises 1 city (Roxas) and 16 municipalities, further subdivided into 473 barangays, with 2 congressional districts.

  • Cuartero
  • Dao
  • Dumalag
  • Dumarao
  • Ivisan
  • Jamindan
  • Maayon
  • Mambusao
  • Panay
  • Panitan
  • Pilar
  • Pontevedra
  • President Roxas
  • Roxas City
  • Sapian
  • Sigma
  • Tapaz


The population of Capiz in the 2015 census was 761,384 people, with a density of 290 inhabitants per square kilometre or 750 inhabitants per square mile.

Historians and ethnologists narrowed down to three types of people known to have inhabited Capiz: Aeta, popularly known as Negritos; Indonesian descendants of the Mundo tribe in central Panay; and the Malays.

Located in Tapaz, it is a cultural minority of Indonesian stock that worships spirits, practice secondary burial, and hunt with blowguns. The Sulod love personal ornaments. The necklace worn is not only an ornament and a status symbol but also an anting-anting or amulet.